Fermented Food and Nutrition Health Forum

Forum Background

Fermented food accounts for one-third of the daily food consumption for the people, and in China fermented food is an essential component in food industry with a long history and abundant variety. Fermented food, created through the interaction of the three-body organisms (microorganisms, animals, and plants), not only produces enjoyable flavours and tastes, but also, more importantly, generates mysterious factors that are beneficial to human health through complex metabolic processes. Some of these factors are known, while others remain unknown and require further exploration.


Forum Theme

This forum, with the theme "Fermented Food - The Great Health Secret Co-brewed by the Three-body Organisms," will focus on the relationship between fermented food and nutrition, research progress in fermented food, and development trends. Experts, scholars, research institutions, technology research and development centers, and leading companies in the field of fermented food will be invited to participate, sharing the tremendous potential of fermented food in the health industry, interpreting the current development status and future trends of fermented food, and jointly seeking the great health secret co-brewed by the three-body organisms.

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