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Vibrant Greater Bay Area, Booming Food and Beverage Industry

The strength of economic recovery is accelerating month by month, and catering has become a solid means to boost economic growth. In the first quarter of 2023, China's gross domestic product reached US$ 3.96 trillion; the national catering revenue from January to April 2023 was US$ 22.08 billion , an increase of 19.8% year-on-year.

New Opportunities - Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area
· Strong vitality in night-time consumption is a major feature of the catering market. The share of online orders for nighttime dining in the Greater Bay Area are above 40% in 2022, higher than the broader national market.
· Young groups aged 25-30 are the main force of Shenzhen's catering consumption, accounting for 31.4%, higher than that of the nation's catering market.
· "rationality", "affordability", "practicality", "stocking up" and "value for money" are the most popular consumer habits. Cost-effective" has become the five keywords that consumers are most concerned about.
· Consumer' channels are becoming more complex and diversified, offline + online, domain + private domain, short video + live have become a new path of consumption. 5G and digitization are developing rapidly in Shenzhen.

Keep pace with the market development trend, Anuga Select China will be returned on 24-26 April 2025 at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center in Shenzhen, China together with the recovering industry. In line with the trend to create a professional trade platform to influence the comprehensive food and beverage market in Southern China and the surrounding Southeast Asian region.

Focused Product Segments: With a focus on Meat & Meat products, Condiment, Drinks and Healthy Food, we provide you with a platform to showcase your latest high-quality and innovative offerings and connect with potential buyers to meet the expectation of the thriving market demand.

Industry Recognition: Showcasing your brand at the leading F&B trade show in Southern China empowers your brand to flourish and succeed in the competitive Asia's F&B market.

Networking Hub: Connect with over 30,000 trade buyers from distribution and catering channels.enhancing your brand's reach and securing new opportunities for growth in Southern China market.

● Shape the future of F&B industry: lgnite innovation and stay ahead in the dynamic F&B industry with diverse supporting programmes, like Showcase Award Forum and Foodie Space.

● In parallel with SIGEP China, attract more trade buyers from HORECA

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