The 3rd Global Imported Food Retail Market Trends Forum

Forum Background

Under the perspective of sustainable development, how to meet the dietary demands of 8 billion people around the world, from underfed to full, from full to well-fed, and from well-fed to healthy. The convenience of daily eating activities has always been a continuously evolving concept and is gradually moving towards a new phase of scientific, meal-based, nutritious and healthy sustainability. Consumers are constantly looking for shortcuts to convenient and quality food experiences in their daily lives, and the COVID-19 pandemic has further fuelled this desire.

Technological advances are also actively contributing to the positive evolution of convenience eating, and as more consumers become accustomed to technological aids, they are becoming more interested in emerging technologies that help them optimise their meals, snacks and beverages. Driven by the new economy, new technologies and new models, convenience eating will embrace the future with confidence.

The 3rd Global Food Retail Market Trends Forum is co-organised to help companies gain a deeper understanding of global development trends by interpreting the brand, new consumption, market and channel directions of the food retail industry in the current situation. At the same time, domestic and foreign industry experts and domestic famous brands are invited to share on the same stage, analyse the development trend of the global food retail market in depth from national policies, innovative concepts, brand product creation and other panels, and set up a platform for global food trade circulation and exchange.

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