International Agriculture and Brand Food (Shenzhen) Production and Supply Conference


The International Agricultural and Branded Food (Shenzhen) Production and Supply Conference is a specialized, branded, and industrialized agricultural food brand innovation exhibition and communication event held with the support of national and provincial government departments. The conference features national linkage, provincial and municipal alliances, and connectivity within the Bay Area. Through a series of activities such as professional conferences, supporting exhibitions, and production and sales docking, it promotes the docking and cooperation between local characteristic high-quality agricultural food brands and "Zhenpin", supply chain enterprises, catering chains, supermarket chains, agricultural wholesale markets, import and export traders, and chain hotels. It also provides a platform for the docking between local agricultural food enterprises and the Shenzhen market, as well as a platform for exchange with Shenzhen's innovation and creativity. It empowers national agricultural food brand enterprises with the "big" market and "new" concepts of the Bay Area for high-quality development. 


Global Empowerment

Brand Empowerment

The conference organizing committee invites mainstream media such as China National Radio Network, online media, and industry media to fully promote and report on the conference, endorsing high-quality enterprise brands. At the same time, the conference invites well-known brand planners, creative designers, and IP operators from across the country to participate together.


Networking Empowerment

Rub shoulders with industry leaders: The conference invites over 200 heavyweight guests and CEOs from agricultural food enterprises, covering the entire chain of modern agricultural food industry research and development, cultivation, production processing, branding, distribution, and marketing. Deeply linked to communities: The conference will establish cooperative communication groups, where members can regularly publish their needs, achieve real-time and accurate connections, and jointly build, share, win, and develop.


Supply and Sales Empowerment

Full-channel coverage: The conference organizes procurement channel leaders from Shenzhen and even the Greater Bay Area, including chain supermarkets, chain hotels, chain restaurants, group meal organizations, welfare platforms, community group buying, traditional e-commerce, new retail, and cross-border trade. It will organize dedicated sessions for supply and sales connections, helping high-quality agricultural food products access markets and expand channels.


Project Empowerment

During the industrial matchmaking and government-enterprise promotion sessions held concurrently with the conference, new technologies, achievements, and projects will be introduced and released on-site, empowering conference participants with new business opportunities and resources.

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