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Foodie Space - Irresistible Europe, countless combinations

Foodie Space, a place full of delicacy tasting and business opportunities. Allowing food and beverage brands to meet buyers from distribution, catering and diverse range of channels.

Date: 25-26.04.2024

Location: 1-M50,Foodie Space

Organizer: Koelnmesse (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Partners: The European Commission

  • Foodie Space collaborates with the European Union Commission to create a pinnacle feast

The European Union Commission, abbreviated as the EU Commission, is a supranational body under the European Union and serves as the de facto cabinet of the EU.

In order to promote economic and cultural exchanges between EU member states and China, the EU Commission will bring with more than 60 European high-quality food and beverage companies to participate in Anuga Select China 2024.

Through the collaboration between the EU delegation and Anuga Select China, the European food and beverage culture will be better conveyed to the Chinese consumer market, bringing a wider range of high-quality ingredients and flavors.

  • Irresistible EUROPE, Countless Combinations

The European Union Pavilion will provide you with a delightful opportunity to explore European cuisine, from world-renowned cheeses and dairy products to juicy and tender fresh meats and meat products.

Many European food and beverage brands and products will make their debut in the domestic market at this exhibition, creating a regional food and beverage industry chain, promoting economic and cultural exchanges between EU countries and China, creating more development opportunities and possibilities for cooperation, and achieving mutual benefit and win-win results!

Here, you can taste fruits, vegetables, olive oil, and edible olives from Europe, each flavor pursuing top quality, and each ingredient carrying unique traditions and craftsmanship stories.

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